2020 Convention Minutes

2020 6th District NCGOP Convention 

April 18, 2020 at 1PM via Telephone Conference


Convention Welcome by Acting 6th District Chairman T. Rick Smith

Prayer Led by Tina Forsberg.  

Moment of Silent Remembrance for those who have passed in the last year.  

Pledge lead by Marcus Kindley


Chairman Smith thanked all who assisted with this virtual convention and noted that they were too numerous to name.  


Special guest Michael Whatley, NCGOP Chairman spoke praising all who assisted with these virtual conventions.  He also covered how President Trumps must win NC.  Sen. Thom Tillis’s is in the #1 Senate race in the country, and that NC has the #1 Governor’s race as well.  Whatley also spoke on the judiciary situation and how we must take back as much as possible in November.


Mark Lauder Spoke on behalf of the Presidents campaign.  

Many thanks to Mark Lauder and Michael Whatley.  Rick Smith


Chairman Smith welcomed Lt Gov Dan Forest who spoke next on his campaign thoughout the state. He also spoke of Gov Cooper’s ideas as well and how they do not match NC values.  Many thanks to all for their help in advance.  Chairman Smith thanked him for his speaking.


Congressman Mark Walker was then introduced by Chairman Smith.  He thanked everyone for their hard work in this election year.  He then explained how things are going in Washington, with comments on the Corona 19 virus and its impact.  It has been a huge privilege for me to serve, and I will continue to work for the election of Dan Forest.  God Bless.


Special thanks were extended to Secretary Ramona Dula for recording convention minutes.  


Michael Whatley accepted the position as the Convention Chairman


Motion to accept the minutes by acclamation.  Tanner Henson made the motion.


Minutes were approved without objection.


Appointment of the Convention Chair – Michael Whatley


Appointment of the Convention Parliamentarian – Scott Cumbie


Appointment of the Convention Technical Administrator by Chairman Whatley

Report of the Credentials Committee – Deanna De’Liberto thanked everyone who were involved with the Credentials.  Report: Guilford 78 delegates and Forsyth 50 delegates. Credentials approved by unanimous consent.


Report of the Rules Committee – Tanner Henson moved to accept as written   Accepted with no objections.


Philip Thomas explained in detail the voting process.  

Chairman Whatley opened voting at 1:52 PM

Votes were closed till speakers for office can speak on their own behalf.

Candidates are as follows:

Chairman              Tina Forsberg  vs Marcus Kindley

1st V Chair              Linda Petrou  vs Robert Watkins  (did not speak)

2nd Vice Chair        Peter Boykin vs Scott Harkey


Online voting began.


Chairman Whatley called on Lee Haywood to speak on his campaign for NC House of Representatives. He stated that it was an honor to serve as Chairman as the 6th District.  He thanked Chairman Whatley and all those that have kept the NCGOP together through uncharted waters.  He then went on to introduce the other candidates that would be on the ballot with him in November.  Haywood stressed we must fight to WIN!


Chairman Whatley then introduced Mark Robinson, candidate for Lt Governor, who thanked everyone and stated that we need to choose Freedom over Fear and that we will get back to normal quickly.  He went over his 4-point plan and made it clear that we must WIN in November.


Dale Folwell State Treasurer spoke next.  Thanking everyone for all their hard work putting this together.  We did receive 2 billion dollars from Pres. Trump which Rep Walker worked on in DC; it was turned around in NC  within 48 hrs.


Tamara Berringer candidate for Supreme Court Judge spoke on behalf of all the Judiciary Candidates.  “Now more than ever we need your support and help to win in November.”


Jim O’Niell candidate for State Attorney General spoke next urging that we really need to be concerned with this race as well.  The current Attorney General sues President Trump on a monthly basis.  He stated that he knows how to work and do this job properly to protect the citizens of this state.


Philip Thomas reported there would be one runoff for the 3rd alt delegate slot.  Voting instructions were reiterated and the run-off began.


Speaking next was EC Sykes candidate for Secretary of State.  “We need leadership with your interest in mind.   Elaine Marshall has been there for 28 yrs.  God bless you.”


Josh Dobson candidate for Commissioner of Labor then spoke, thanking all for this opportunity.  This is one of the strongest slates that he has ever seen and wishes to carry on in the manner of Cheri Berry.


With 40% of our budget being spent on Education, Catherine Truitt candidate for 

State Superintendent of Public Instruction spoke next.   She has years of experience in the education field, and lots of ideas.  


Next, Jeff Carpenter Candidates for Court of Appeals spoke next.   Questioning why the court system is closed and should not be.  This needs to be carefully viewed and studied.  

The Vote in November is crucial.


On behalf of Sen Tillis who cannot leave Washington now as he is involved on numerous committees and is fighting for us, Michael DeSantis spoke.   He explained the reasons it is so important to make sure that he wins his seat in November.  Nearly 100 million dollars will most likely be spent against him by the Democrats.


Convention Chairman Michael Whatley thanked everyone for the privilege of serving as Convention Chair and hands control back over to District Chairman Smith.


Election of the Vacant Officers:   Your new officers are as follows:

Chairman  Tina Forsberg

First Vice Chairman  Linda Petrou

Second Vice Chairman  Scott Harkey


Elected RNC Delegates are:  Lee Haywood, Kathy Flanigan, and Joyce Krawiec

Elected RNC Alternates are   David Gleeson, Troy Lawson, and Linda Petrou.


Elected Presidential Elector:  Tina Forsberg, and Alternate is David Gleeson

Congratulations to all the winners.


Chairman Smith stated it was time to say goodbye and that the technology had worked better than expected.  Thanked everyone for their participation.


The convention officially adjourned  at   3:08 PM


Respectfully submitted by:

Ramona Dula, NCGOP 6th District Secretary


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